What we will do

When there is a problem or gap, we will become your long-term partner and create a way together to resolve the issue.

Why are we so confident?

Our virtual teams are known for integrating seamlessly with our clients to design product strategies and plans from translational science through to registration and medical affairs, worldwide. Whether you are a top 50 pharma or a small or medium-sized enterprise, tranScrip and Indegene  can offer flexible solutions to match your budget.

tranScrip has a proven track record of achievements that include:

Designing, delivering and facilitating complex e-projects to support both drug development, mature projects and medical affairs

Completed an extensive digital survey in US and EU-5 of KOLs, physicians and care staff for a small biotech company to direct investment for product development.

Serving as one of the few e-players with both technical and clinical drug development and clinical medical affairs skills

Virtual interactive information centre for a top 10 pharma company to provide disease area and product information with library access, interviews, and case studies for both internal and external use.

Translating challenging information into easy accessibility through training and medial information programmes.

Provided subject-matter and educational experts to a top 10 pharma company to train and certify medical staff and MSLs on complex immunological product backgrounds.

Fielding multi-functional teams to deliver comprehensive one-stop-shop e-solutions.

Extensive experience of using software for training/site initiation of investigators and study coordinators; using mobile phones to collect patient data and online patient interviewing.

Providing management and oversight for all e-projects.

Deployed our Intelligent Safety Suite (ISS) featuring NLP-based ICSR case processing for a top 10 pharma company, including advanced signal detection and aggregate reporting.

Designing and delivering tailored  training programmes for product launches.

Designed and conducted online education programmes in collaboration with independent global academic associations for Health Care Professionals, steered by leading KOLs in the therapy area.