TranScrip Internal Medicine

TranScrip expertise and experience extends to a wide range of Internal Medicine areas including nephrology, haematology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, immunology, endocrinology and cardiovascular diseases.

Additional therapeutic areas

Infectious Diseases, Oncology, RespiratoryCNS/Pain


TranScrip Internal Medicine Experts

TranScrip’s Internal Medicine team has worked on all phases of clinical development ranging from proof of concept / mechanism, submission of orphan designations including negotiations on the development plan, translational programmes to registrational work involving submissions and post-registration programs for big pharma and small biotech companies. TranScrip´s experience extends to a wide range of Internal Medicine areas including nephrology, haematology, neurology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, immunology, endocrinology and cardio-metabolic diseases. TranScrip has extensive experience working with regulatory authorities worldwide, including EMA, FDA and PMDA. TranScrip´s services range from ad-hoc advice to deployment of fully operational project teams.

Tim Joslin
Head of Internal Medicine

Tim leads TranScrip's clients' programmes in internal medicine product development, registration, and post-licensing. He has over 30 years of industry experience covering the complete product  life-cycle from "Target Product Profile" and national/global launches to post-patent strategies for cardiometabolic, immunology and other areas within the internal medicine therapeutic area.

Latest Internal Medicine News

14 June

'Towards a cure for Haemophilia'

A report by Senior Partner, Mark Watling.

Forthcoming Events

Company Product Phase Indication and Service
Top 50 Synthetic Analogue of Calcitriol Translational Hyperparathyroidism: Advisory Board support.
Top 50 EPO Glycoprotein Launch Anaemia: Participate as speaker and chairperson at the Nephrology Educational Winter Symposium.
Top 50 HIF-PH Inhibitor Translational Anaemia: Translational medicine, ad board and regulatory support (including for PIP) and support for various clinical research and clinical development documents.
Top 50 Lipoglycopeptide Translational Antibiotic and renal toxicity: Medical writing in renal impairment study.
Top 50 Phosphate Lowering Therapies CKD Launch Hyperphosphataemia: Chairing and support for symposium.
Medium Phosphate Binder Phase III Hyperphosphataemia: Medical Director and department responsbilities for clinical development, regulatory affairs, drug safety and commercial discussions for phase II through to phase III.
SME Various Translational Anaemia: Medical input to treatment and drug development of a product for iron deficiency anaemia in CKD.
Top 50 Phosphate Binder Phase III Hyperphosphataemia: Involvement in preparation of MAA and NDA submission clinical materials including CSRs, clinical summaries, defence of agency questions, support for scientific advice meetings.
Top 50 Iron Product Phase III Anaemia: Support for drug safety and clincal study reports for the submission.
Top 50 NA Mature Hyperphosphataemia: Advisory Board and symposia support.
Top 50 Thrombopoietin-Receptor Agonists Phase III Thrombocytopaenia: Review of clinical protocols, clinical development and writing of a PIP.