Gilbert Wagener

Head of Rare Diseases & Advanced Therapeutics

Gilbert is a key tranScrip expert in immunological based drug development, cardiovascular and orphan disease. He has over 20 years’ experience in global drug development in cardiovascular, immune-mediated and CNS indications, including biopharmaceuticals, stem cells, gene therapy, MABs and antisense oligonucleotides in collaboration with external partners and academic institutions.

Gilbert studied human medicine in Marburg, Germany, completed his MD thesis in pharmacology and gained experience in Neurophysiology and clinical Neurology at the University Hospitals in Marburg. He joined Bayer Healthcare in 1993 covering positions of increasing responsibilities in late stage development, life cycle management as well as phase 1 and proof-of-concept studies of drug candidates in cardiovascular indications. Having supervised the conduct of two large randomized controlled clinical trials, his particular interest is clinical trial design and the adoption of results of large clinical trials into medical practice. In 2004 Gilbert joined Genzyme Europe as Vice President for clinical research cardiovascular in The Netherlands. He was responsible for proof-of-concept trials with stem cells and gene therapy in cardiovascular indications, the coordination and conduct of medical due diligence in Europe.  In addition, Gilbert has developed the design of proof of concept studies with dual biologic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Since 2014 Gilbert is, in his role as Senior Partner at tranScrip.

Gilbert is a fellow of the European Society of Hypertension, a member of the European Society of Cardiology and a member of the working group on cardiovascular pharmacology and drug therapy and a Member of the BIA Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the German Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology and the German Society of Physiology. Gilbert earned a MBA from the University of Basel, Switzerland, in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Gilbert completed his PhD thesis in Epidemiology/Public Health at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2007.