01 September 2016

After such a successful day up the rigging of a tall ship in 2013, tranScrip decided to do it again.  tranScrip staff were joined by their alliance companies and clients.  We sailed from Southampton to the Isle of Wight and back and despite the odd light shower of rain, it was a gorgeous sunny day.  Most people took part in the “up and over” to climb the rigging, cross the platform and down the other side and climbing out onto the “yards”.  Lots of fun was had during the spaghetti run with all the ropes and people learned about the workings of a square rigger.  Even those who attended 3 years ago did something different or pushed themselves harder to go the extra mile.

The day was made possible by the Tall Ships Trust, which takes over 3,000 people sailing every year on various sailing vessels, and on average over 70% of the Young People are disadvantaged or disabled. tranScrip donated over £5,000 to the Tall Ships Trust, and would like to thank the Trust crew, and the volunteer crew who made this another extremely successful day.  For more information on the Tall Ships Trust, please visit their web site at: www.tallships.org and you will see many opportunities to sail with them.