15 June 2021

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tranScrip is delighted to be attending BIO Digital 2021, albeit a little differently again this year.

At the beginning of the year, we donated to two charities that focused on making a positive impact on climate change. Through hosting meetings with our past, current and prospective clients, we were able to plant 89 trees and offset a whole years’ worth of carbon emissions. 

This June, with our focus still on climate change we will be donating fees to save our seas!

Being unable to travel to conferences, due to the travel restrictions and lockdowns seen all over the world, has allowed us time to reflect on the effect attending conferences has on the environment. Since the beginning of lockdown, we have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of carbon we are producing. As we start to transition back to face-2-face, we want to make sure we continue to be environmentally conscious and offset any carbon we produce. 

What we are doing with the money we would have spent on travelling Project Seagrass
In lieu of not travelling to the US this year, tranScrip will be donating to Project Seagrass for every partner meeting we hold at BIO Digital, as a means of trying to offset some of the carbon caused by travelling to conferences.

Project Seagrass 
Project Seagrass is invested in the conservation of seagrass ecosystems to ensure the benefits provided by seagrass are sustained. Not only does seagrass absorb vast amounts of carbon, but it is also vital in supplying fisheries, supporting vital nutrition for people and animals, and providing habitation for 1000’s of species.

Seagrass is an incredible tool in the fight against climate change because it captures and absorbs carbon 35 times quicker than tropical rainforests. Secondly, although it only covers a small portion of the seafloor (less than 1%) it absorbs 10% of the oceans carbon each year. 

Meet us at BIO Digital 
You can help support our cause by scheduling a meeting with one of our highly experienced industry professionals.

Contact us via the BIO One-on-One Partnering platform at BIO Digital or email ashton.brooke-thorne@transcrip-partners.com.