04 March 2019

Dominic Bowers, Senior Partner at tranScrip, and his son Jack are supporting a small UK based charity, The Butale Project, to help support the infrastructure and quality of life in Butale, a small Ugandan village.

Butale Project is a registered UK Charity set up in November 2011 with aims to work alongside the local community to improve the education provision by offering educational resources and teacher training, to build schools and associated facilities, to fund feeding programmes for children attending schools, to provide access to clean water, to either through water harvesting or bore holes encourage and teach good health practices. 

Dominic and Jack are both travelling to Uganda in April in the Easter holidays to aid others from the UK with construction projects within the village. Jack has sponsored a 10-year-old boy, Aloysius, in the village and previously fundraised 3 years ago. The funds from a ‘sponsored silence’ went straight to repairing 3 wells in the village. Jack now has the opportunity to visit Butale and is ecstatic at the idea as he has always taken such an interest in helping Aloysius and the charity as a whole. Jack is really excited about learning more about his friend and his life in Uganda. The specific projects lined up for Dominic, Jack and others travelling over will be to rebuild Aloysius’ house and help support the school.

Dominic and Jack would like to raise money to help improve Aloysius's home and all the money they raise will be spent directly on the house or school. Jack has decided to do a challenge over the next month and would love any support at all. Jack will be doing a sponsored triathlon which will involve him running, cycling and swimming a total of 78 miles. So if you have any spare clothes you could donate such as: football kits; shoes; socks; men’s suits or educational equipment, please get in touch with Jack or Dominic (dominic.bowers@transcrip-partners.com) who will be able to deliver it personally to the local families.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can be given at: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/jacksmarathontriathlon#

Butale challenge 1    Butale challenge 2