24 March 2021

tranScrip's Managing Partner, Flic Gabbay, will join industry experts at The Venice Expert Forum on Wednesday 24th March to discuss why investing in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health is critical for sustainable recovery after COVID-19.

Flic will be addressing the future innovations and challenges for pharmaceutical development and clinical trials in the MNCH space. 

Theme E: Taking Forward the Agenda
Wednesday 24th March, 13.00 – 15.15 GMT

Chairs: Professor Linda Giudice and Professor Marleen Temmerman
Rapporteur: Dr Chandni Jacob


  1. What approaches in public health education and advocacy are the most important to advance MNCH? - Ms Sarah Brown 
  2. Test, Trace, and Learn – Lessons from the COVID19 pandemic that will guide further public health preparedness and inform health policy research going forward - Professor Keith Godfrey 
  3. MNCH and COVID-19: the March of Dimes Perspective - Dr Rahul Gupta
  4. What innovations do you foresee to overcome community challenges regarding access to education and health services for women and children? - Dr Aboubacar Kampo
  5. What innovations and challenges do you see for pharmaceutical development and clinical trials in the MNCH space for the future? - Dr Flic Gabbay
  6. What do you see as future approaches in health systems research and collection and utilization of health data globally in the context of MNCH and communicable vs. non-communicable diseases? - Professor Robyn Norton

For further details, please visit: The Venice Expert Forum

Venice Expert Forum