25 March 2021

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We are delighted to announce that tranScrip's Managing Partner, Dr Flic Gabbay, has been elected to be the next President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM).

Tom Morris, Registrar at the FPM commented, "I am pleased to announce the results of FPM’s Presidential election 2021. We had three excellent candidates, but the winner is Dr Flic Gabbay. Flic was one of the original founders of FPM and has served as our vice-president since 2018, so I am delighted that she will continue to play a leading role in developing FPM further. Flic will take on the President’s role after the AGM in November 2021. Please join me in congratulating Flic on being elected to this key role within our Faculty."

Flic commented, "I am honoured and delighted and am really looking forward to working with the FPM team - thank you so much for those who voted - it is wonderful to see the engagement of so many. FPM has made so many contributions this last year to medicine and I feel this is a real responsibility and one I will work hard to step up to."

On behalf of tranScrip, we would like to congratulate Flic on this prestigious achievement. We are delighted Flic's contributions and dedication to the industry has been recognised and are looking forward to Flic inspiring others in her new role as President of the FPM.  

You can read Flic's campaign statement and comments from current President of the FPM, Prof Tim Higenbottam and Chief Executive of the FPM, Dr Marcia Philbin via the FPM’S website.

Congratulate Flic via the FPM LinkedIn page or the tranScrip LinkedIn page

Flic Gabbay