11 August 2011

Sarah Daniels, Senior Partner, successfully climbed to the summit (Gilman’s point - 5685 m) of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the worlds 4th most prominent peak, on 11th August 2011. The oxygen level at the summit is less than half of that at sea level, so this one of the hardest mental and physical challenges. “I was totally emotional drained and physically exhausted. It was without doubt the hardest mental and physical challenge that I have ever undertaken”, reported Sarah to her colleagues. “It took us 5 days climbing altogether to get there. The final summit day involved 8 hours climbing (from midnight), followed by 3 hours descent, and then a further 4 hours hike to the next camp. There was no rest the next day because we then hiked 21 km to the main gate of the Kilimanjaro National Park.” Sarah was also delighted to report that she raised over £5,000 for Motec for the NUWLIFE programme for the malnourished in Northern Ghana.