Evidence-based, innovation and compliant medial affairs activities are critical for adding value and enhancing product lifecycle.

The services that tranScrip provides include, but are not limited to: 

  • Development of medico-marketing strategies
  • Design of post-approval interventional & observational studies
  • Medical input into training and/or promotional materials
  • Medical information activities 
  • Preparation and delivery of symposia, advisory boards, etc.
  • Development of publication plans and publication writing
  • Therapeutic area training
  • Complete virtual launch

Case Study

This case study outlines tranScrip’s role in providing a Medical Affairs team to provide support at launch and beyond.


A pharma company in-licensed a new product in the final stages of regulatory approval but had no medical affairs team to support product launch.


tranScrip assembled a team comprising a medical affairs physician, a medical information specialist, a medical writer and a project manager to support peri-launch.


The product was launched as planned and a phase IV clinical trial programme was designed and initiated.