Locations – Asia Pacific

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Asia-Pacific’s vast geography has a diverse $20 trillion economy, and is home to over three billion people and five of Top 15 economies in the world. In terms of the biopharmaceutical sector, the region is estimated to account for around half of market value growth in the pharmaceutical sector.  With a combination of new and traditional market entrants competing and partnering in the region there is a growing appetite for clinical trials and drug development services.

Increasingly, TranScrip have been supporting pharmaceutical companies and CROs within the region with medical monitoring and expert clinical trial oversight, covering project management, protocol design, secondary audit, pharmacovigilance and vendor selection.

Many of TranScrip’s US and European clients also request advice on accessing the market effectively and rely on our flexible, cost effective approach, as well as our footprint in the region.

With offices in Australia and Hong Kong, TranScrip offers a strong platform with which to serve our clients’ requirements expertly across the region whether it be China, Singapore, India, Japan or Korea, as well as the regions where their physical office are based.