The growing burden of many CNS conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain threatens to overwhelm healthcare resources. While there are many opportunities for new CNS therapeutics, the connections between target and CNS diseases are only slowly being elucidated.

tranScrip’s expertise and capabilities in CNS & Pain extend across a wide range of indications such as epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, sleep disorders, depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and pain. We cover all phases of the product lifecycle and support and guide our clients to meet their targets even if this means challenging the current clinical and regulatory paradigms.

What we do

When there is a problem or gap, we can become your long-term partner and create a way to resolve the issue together.


Why we are different

Our CNS teams are renowned for integrating seamlessly with our clients, providing effective support, delivering strategic insight and innovative approaches to all aspects of CNS drug development, from transitional science through to registration and medical affairs.


tranScrip has a track record of achievements that include

Designing and delivering of cross-functional CNS & pain programmes.

Defining and validating regulatory strategy for a small manufacturer developing novel formulations and delivery routes for established opioid products.

Serving as the “one-stop shop” drug development organisation for small biotech companies.

Providing clinical leadership and cross-functional team to meet demanding timelines in taking a novel, first-in class compound through to Proof of Concept in Parkinson’s disease.

Interpreting ‘difficult’ outcomes in clinical trials and steering development strategies.

Identifying and validating development strategy for a promising, but previously inappropriately targeted therapeutic for neuropathic pain.

Fielding multi-functional submission teams to support MAAs and NDAs.

Liaising between a small biotech and EU regulatory agencies in defining requirements for EU approval of US-approved addiction product.

Providing expert CNS support for a variety of development activities.

Helping a large pharma company bridge expertise shortfalls across  the CNS area by providing clinical expertise and strategic guidance.

Providing tailored support for product launches and lifecycle activities.

Design of a post-licensing clinical programme for a novel chronic pain product. Medical oversight of clinical studies.