TranScrip Translational Medicine

TranScrip can play a crucial role in facilitating the selection and progression of drug candidates into clinical studies to proof-of-concept and demonstration of potential value, including, where necessary, securing funding and regulatory approvals.


TranScrip Translational Medicine Experts

TranScrip’s Translational Medicine team has worked with big pharma and small biotech companies providing support in the Translational Medicine, Experimental Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology space focussing on efficient approaches to achieving proof of mechanism / concept, dose selection for efficacy studies and delivery of clinical pharmacology labeling. TranScrip's Translational Medicine experience covers respiratory medicine, nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, immunology, endocrinology and cardio-metabolic diseases. TranScrip has extensive experience working with regulatory authorities worldwide, including EMA, FDA and PMDA. TranScrip´s services range from ad-hoc advice to deployment of multifunctional strategic and operational teams of up to 10 people.

Chris Brearley
Head of Translational Medicine

Chris brings experience of more than 20 years working in Translational Medicine to his role as Head of TranScrip’s Translational Medicine team.

He has worked across several therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, metabolic, CNS and inflammation. He has the breadth of knowledge afforded by working with both small molecules and biologicals. He has been responsible for integrating pre-clinical safety and toxicology findings into selecting doses for FIH studies in patients and healthy volunteers, and creating strategies for Proof of Concept and for PK/PD modelling to support rational dose selection in efficacy studies. He has wide experience in the review of in-licensing opportunities, and in all roles he has prepared regulatory documents and successfully defended safety, translational medicine and clinical pharmacology positions with regulatory agencies.

Dominic Bowers
Deputy Head of Translational Medicine

Dominic is a highly experienced pharmaceutical physician whose experience spans clinical development, execution and governance from translational medicine through to peri-registration.

He started his career with higher medical training as an anaesthetist, working in intensive care and anaesthetic positions. His drug development therapeutic area expertise is extensive, broad and quite unique. It includes the development of small molecules, biologics and Advanced Therapeutics (ATMPs).
He joined industry at Quintiles (now IQVIA) and conducted a variety of different roles as a Medical Director in multiple therapeutic areas. He created & Chaired the Acute Care & Pain Centre of Excellence at Quintiles which consolidated the deep expertise within Quintiles within the field to ensure leading edge thought leadership, operational governance and bespoke strategic consultancy for clients.

Prior to joining TranScrip he held the prestigious role of Head of Clinical at the Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult in the UK, where he lead clinical execution of gene therapy, cell therapy & tissue engineering studies as well as broad clinical consultancy within immuno-oncology.

Case Study

This case study outlines the wide and important role which TranScrip has played in Translational Medicine.


A small company with novel biological candidates needed to design a development programme to start phase I trials.


TranScrip Partners worked with the company to establish candidate selection criteria, develop a toxicology programme, support agency meeting for review of pre-clinical plans, secure funding grants and support the clinical trial application.


Pre-clinical development was completed, clinical development plan designed and phase I study started.

TranScrip Partners provide Translational Medicine support across various therapeutic areas, including:

Development guidance during lead optimisation

Support through pre-clinical pharmacology to first-into-man

Designing effective phase II programmes to demonstrate value

Insightful efficacy and safety measurement assessments

Applying years of experience & knowledge to the client’s portfolio evolution

Creating new approaches, taking advantage of advances in technology and study design whilst aligning with emerging Regulatory Agency disease and device guidelines

Working on MAA and NDA submissions for preparation of the clinical pharmacology modules and their defence