Why work here

The difference between tranScrip and its competitors is fundamental at many levels and derives from our unique working structure which allows tranScrip and its clients to maximise efficiency in the evolving world of pharmaceuticals, where drug development and marketing is conducted by a myriad of players all collaborating to contain the colossal expense of fixed overheads of skilled professionals in every sector.

What's it like to work here?

In these 'A Day in the Life of...' instalments, we aim to showcase the professional and personal benefits of working at tranScrip and the importance our work has to our clients and to drug development.

A Day in the Life of...a Pharmaceutical Physician    A Day in the Life of...an Oxford University Student

A Day in the Life of a Medical Writer

Our experts are the essence of our organisation and the key to our success. Employees are entitled to comprehensive benefits and allowances which can be provided on application.

  • CPD allowance for conference attendance and training courses,
  • Minimum of 10 internal CPD meetings per year, including GCP training and updates on various therapy and functional areas (e.g. drug safety),
  • Attendance at major EU and US therapeutic area conferences, networking meetings for CPD and BD,
  • Corporate membership of One Nucleus, BIA and ABPI and personal membership of therapeutic area societies, BSAC, ASM, ESMO, ASCO, etc.,
  • Access to on-line training in business, software, soft skills, etc.,
  • Access to Global Data reports, a leading database and analytic tool for pharma industry, 
  • Access to, and support for, library searches.

tranScrip has all the normal governance structures in place, as would be expected for any company – a Chairman and a Board, a Managing Partner and Management Team, Finance Department, Project Management and Quality Assurance systems, etc.

Therapeutic area and functional teams group together to run the different therapeutic (e.g. Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Respiratory, etc) and functional (e.g.  Regulatory and Drug Safety) activities as business units supported by the business development, project management and finance functions of the organisation.

Continuing professional development and re-validation is given strong emphasis and all staff are expected to stay up to date with the current regulations and therapeutic skills.

All staff are covered by tranScrip’s professional insurance.

tranScrip is inspected by regulatory agencies as a normal CRO so quality systems play an important role in our daily work.

Projects are very varied in content and size, so teams may consist of one individual or many partners and employees. Projects can have duration ranging from hours for ad hoc advice to years, in cases of complex regulatory or drug development activities.

Critical to tranScrip’s clients is consistency and continuity of support and tranScrip is proud of the fact that staff turnover is minimal; a testimonial to its ability to bring like-minded people together and keep them happy and fulfilled.

Projects come from all over the world and cover the whole of product lifecycle from preclinical research to full development, registration and post-licensing activities.

Staff are expected to extend and maintain their cutting edge knowledge and wherever possible lead the development of scientific knowledge and current industry practice, with each person having access to an allowance to spend on international working parties, conferences or training. Work is not everything and cohesion is maintained within a geographically dispersed organisation by the monthly meetings and parties, charitable events etc.

tranScrip is a rapidly growing organisation both within the EU and globally and is also developing its functional reach, providing lots of opportunities for career growth at all levels. We are already a diverse and inclusive organisation where development is purely based on merit.

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We are always interested to hear from experienced professionals that are looking to develop their career with tranScrip.

We have a rigorous assessment procedure in place to ensure applications are on target.
We respectfully ask for no recruitment agencies please.