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TranScrip expertise and capabilities in CNS and pain extend across a wide range of indications such as epilepsy, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, MS), stroke, sleep disorders, ADHD, addiction and pain (migraine, breakthrough, cancer, neuropathic, post-operative, procedural). These cover all phases of the product lifecycle, from target identification through to commercialisation, and be scaled from individual expert through to whole-team capacity.

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TranScrip CNS/Pain Experts

The CNS / Pain team at TranScrip has experience across most indications in the area and provide input, support and leadership to projects involving all phases of development from translational to registration.  Service provision can range from therapeutic, operational or strategic expertise from an individual to flexibly resourced teams capable of mimicking clients’ own internal teams – whether actual or (in the case of smaller clients) aspirational.

Mark Watling
Head of CNS and Pain

In his four years at TranScrip Mark has led the CNS team in the delivery of projects for a substantial number of the world’s leading CNS companies. His expertise is based on more than 23 years in Industry working on products in the CNS area, with a particular emphasis on pain indications. He provides input to the development of strategic and tactical development for CNS products based on his breadth of experience and first-hand knowledge of the discovery, development and commercialisation of such products.

Latest CNS/Pain News

04 December

Abuse Deterrent Opioids who wants 'em?

Listen to Mark Watling present TranScrip's latest webcast.

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Company Product Phase Indication and Service
SME Opioid Translational Acute Pain: Expert review of, and support to, FDA Scientific Advice Clinical Development Plan and Regulatory strategy for novel opioid delivery system in unprecedented broad pain indication.
Top 50 NSAIDS Mature Anti-inflammatory pain: PBRER, clinical overview and CDS updates.
SME Aminopyridine Translational Chronic Pain: Expert advice and support to regulatory strategy, product development and commericalisation support.
SME Opioid Translational Chronic Pain: Outline CDP and a detailed CDP.
Top 50 Various Mature Chronic Pain: Pain management training sessions for pharmacists and pharmacy managers.
Top 50 NA Translational Endometriosis Pain: Leading development of target qualification process and engaging with external clinical experts in validation of same.
Top 50 Capsaicinoid Launch Neuropathic Pain: Support to clinical and brand team for all launch activities including phase IIIb/IV studies, medical information, congress support, advisory boards.
Top 50 Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Translational Pain: Support for translational programmes.
Medium Ergot-derivatives Mature Migraine: Provision of a risk/benefit assessment documents.
SME Opioid Antagonist Phase II/III Addiction: Design of the Phase III programme and support to FDA End of phase 2 meeting.
SME Mab Translational Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease: Translational advice on development of product in this highly challenging orphan indication.
Top 50 Anti Cholinesterase Inhibitor Launch Dementia: Full-time in-house specialist medical affairs support.
Top 50 Various Anti-Epileptics Mature Epilepsy: Medical Director.
Top 50 Benzodiazepine Mature Epilepsy: PBRER, risk benefit and label review.
Top 50 Benzodiazepine Mature Hypnotic: PBRER, clinical overview and CDS updates.
Top 50 Benzodiazapine Antagonist Mature Benzodiazepine reversal: PBRER, clinical overview and CDS updates.
Top 50 Levodopa Mature Parkinson's: PBRER, clinical overview and CDS updates.
SME Various Business Development Various CNS Indications: Review of licensing opportunities and challenge to established development and licensing activities.
Top 50 Various Translational Various CNS indications: Provide expert clinical input to early CNS pipeline and initiate/support exploratory phase development.
SME Neurotoxin Derivatives Translational Various CNS indications: Undertake literature search and produce analysis of opportunities available to maximise investor value of wide-ranging target portfolio.
Medium Ergot-derivatives Mature Various CNS & Pain indications: Support for the DHE Article 31 Oral hearing and related activities.
Top 50 NA Translational Various Orphan indications: Review of indications and production of a report illustrating the relative merits of each indication considered.